The English Rose


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An opulent garden of Jumilia Roses in blushing shades of Peach gathered up and presented in a wooden Tray, requires nothing more to adorn it than a big satin bow.

It’s a beautiful choice for any occasion. It’s sure to make someone’s wishes come true! The two-tone petals of the Jumilia rose are simply created to express sublime feelings, romantic dates, they are able to ignite a spark of love in a fading relationship and start new ones!


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  1. sangita mahadeshwar

    The bouquet I received from this florist was a true celebration of nature’s wonders. The carefully curated selection of flowers seemed as if they had just been plucked from the most exquisite garden. Their vibrancy and freshness were truly remarkable, making it clear that only the highest quality blooms were chosen for this arrangement. I was pleasantly surprised by the unique combination of flowers, showcasing a blend of traditional favorites and rare gems. The entire experience, from placing the order to unpacking the bouquet, was a delight. If you’re seeking a touch of nature’s beauty in your life, these flowers are an absolute must-have.

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