Top-10 – “World’s Most Beautiful Flowers Names”

           — Here are the “Names of the World’s Top-10 Flowers” for You!


Just like Music, Flowers have a Universal way of showcasing their beauty; irrespective of their Colour, Gender, Origin of Country etc. They can represent the real beauty of nature in its purest form and look even more beautiful; when they are in the right place. Like ‘In the HAIR OF A BEAUTIFUL GIRL’ (At a Temple).

Why Flowers are Better than Others?

Flowers have the natural tendency to impress/attract anyone. They are the easiest available and are one of the cheapest items available in our nature. The Natural Sweet-Smell, chemical-free Perfume from them makes them even more eligible for occasions like Marriages, Events, Functions etc.

                  There’s no limit to the appreciation towards flowers, we can talk about their beauty all day and still end up missing some or the other thing.

                  It can be their Structure of Making, Their Vibrant Colour, Softness and Natural designs. In Today’s World, it got way easier to get your hand over these beautiful creatures, through an “Online Flowers Delivery by a “Florist in Mumbai”.

Let’s Begin!

In Today’s Blog, we are going to discuss the Top-10 “World’s Most Beautiful Flowers”, based on their popularity and uniqueness in their structure, attractive (Vibrant) colours, Symbolism etc. So, Let’s Start!

1. Bird of Paradise


Bird of Paradise is one the rare flowers in the World, that originated from South Africa. You might have thought that, what’s so special about this flower; is that the flower is known as a ‘Bird of Paradise. Right? Here, is the reason!

                   When this flower is completely blossomed in its nature, it just looks like a ‘Bird of Paradise Flying’. This flower is also known as a Craving flower (Represents Paradise in its Nature). It has 3 Horizontal Blue Inner Sepals & 3 Erect Orange Sepals (After it fully blossoms).

                   In Addition, this flower has Long and green leaves; which prosper in the open air and bright sunlight. If they flourish in full, they are one of the most beautiful flowers to look at throughout the day. That’s why, their look is so adorable that; they are called a ‘Bird of Paradise’.

2. Orchids


Orchids are naturally famous for being called ‘‘One of the Largest Family of Flowers in the World”. Orchids are known for their charming ability that attract people around the globe. Each colour of an Orchid has its own ‘Uniqueness’ and can be found around the world at ease.

                  Blue Orchid is one the most famous flowering species around the world, due to their vibrant colour & structure. As I mentioned, the family of Orchids is too diverse and too big, here are some of the species of Blue Orchids;

  1. Dyed Blue Orchids.
  2. Blue Vanda Orchids.
  3. Thelymitra Crinite.
  4. Boella Coelestis.
  5. Acacallis Cyanea.

3. Tulips


You know what, tulips are one of the most widely grown flowering plants around the world, with more than 3000 different variations existing from 150 different species in itself.

              Every Spring Season, the cup-shaped flowers bloom and they’re available in a wide variety of ‘Hues’ (A Colour of a Shade). Tulips have a brief life span of bout 5-7 days. Hence, tulip stems have only one stem on each other; but some of the species of tulips have many flowers on a single stem.

4. Roses


It is a crystal-clear fact that roses are one of the most & widely loved flowering plants around the world for any type of Occasion/Event; that’s why they are gifted for all purposes (Whether it be a Valentine’s Day or a Wedding Anniversary).

               Roses are the flowers that showcase, Love, Purity and Affection. They have both a seductive appearance and an attractive fragrance, which attracts people from different stages of their life span,


Roses come in a variety of Red, Yellow, Pink, White and orange hues.

Note: – Roses with a shade of pure black and blue colour, don’t exist.

It is not an easy task to decide, which type of rose is more suitable and better looking than the remaining ones. Since everyone has their own bias for a flower to be considered their favourite.

5. Alstroemeria


An Alstroemeria flower is an ideal good luck sign for someone, whom you love more than any other person in your life. It has a variety of interpretations from its look such as Devotion, Friendship and also for the fulfilment of your aspirations.

                 Alstroemeria is filled with the symbolism of Respect, Greatness, Purity and Elegance. In the Olden times, receiving an Alstroemeria is a sign of ‘Appreciation’.

In Addition, their momentary beauty also makes them available to be gifted in times of sorrow.

Here are a few of the Facts (To Know for You)!

1. You know what! There’s no definite reason, why this flower’s leaves on its stem; develop upside-down.

2. The Total time taken by the seeds of the Alstroemeria to develop might range between a few weeks to a full year.

3. The main stems of the flower can grow as long as 3 feet.

6. Blue Hydrangea

Blue Hydrangea

Hydrangea (Blue) speaks for the real feelings of ‘Thankfulness’ and an ‘In-Depth Awareness’. Blue Hydrangea is symbolized as ‘Regret’. Hence, they can be served as a gift for someone – To whom, you want to Apologize. 

               Blue hydrangeas are long-lasting flowers and highly available species of Hydrangea flower types. Due to its delicate and fragrant blossoms, it has earned the name “Hydrangea of Endless Summer”. It also has a similar type of colour variety i.e., “Sky-Blue”.

               You need a good Greenhouse facility for cultivating the Blue Hydrangea. Its formation is in the shape of heart-shaped leaves that are bright green (But, it barely reaches the height of 3.3 feet).

7. Chrysanthemum


In General, Chrysanthemum stands for the symbol of Longevity, Consistency and Optimism in your life. But, each colour of the flower has a different meaning associated with it for a different occasion;

1. Red Chrysanthemums stand for Passionate Love.

2. Yellow Chrysanthemums stand for Sorrow.

3. White Chrysanthemums stand for Devotion.

4. Violet Chrysanthemums stand for the “Wish for Good Health”

The Chrysanthemums are known for the wide representation of different symbols, hence these can be used for different Incidents (From Joy to Sorrow).

8. Calla Lilies


Interestingly, Calla Lilies aren’t true lilies. These beautiful trumpet-shaped blooms and a Long-sword-shaped growth make them a perfect gift for Reception Gifts.

                Calla Lilies are White, Pink, Near-Black, Yellow, Rose Multi-Colored and countless other species. They normally grow to the height of 1-3 Feet and one of the ‘Origin Parts’ is up to a foot in circumference.

9. Cherry Blossom


Cherry Blossoms are so beautiful in the look that, they are even displayed in the ‘National Festival of the Cherry Blossom in many countries. These flowers are obtained from the Cherry Blossom trees.

You Know What: – Cherry Blossoms have great importance in the Japanese culture that, they are considered the “Beginning of the Beauty of Life”

10. Bleeding Heart (A Flower Only)!


This flower is in the shape of a ‘Heart-Bleeding’, which draws the attention of the people like ‘You and Me’. They perfectly represent the ‘Symbol of Love’ and blossom through the entire spring season.

                 These flowers come in the shape of Pink, Yellow, Red and White, which prosper under the damp and Cool Climate.

My Final Thoughts

These were the set of “Top-10 – World’s Most Beautiful Flowers. You should consider them as a gift for any special occasion/event like a birthday or even your marriage anniversary. Which could bring lots of love and energy into theirs as well as your life.


What do you think?

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