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A bouquet of fresh Flowers is all that you need to bring a smile on the face of your loved one. Select from our range of beautiful Flower collection and deliver it to Navi Mumbai. Send Flowers to Navi Mumbai from Pretty Petals. Our online Flower delivery in Navi Mumbai will send the best quality Flowers on same day. So, hurry up and place your order for beautiful online Flowers right away with Pretty Petals.

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Flowers are the best creation of mother nature. However, it is getting attached to human nature too. Starting from happiness to expressing sorrow, from expressing love to sympathy, everywhere flowers are playing an important role. Welcoming a new life with flowers is another exceptional human behavior.

If you know someone who is going to have a baby recently, a positive message from you can make them happy. Support is what they need at the crucial moment. If you want to send flowers to Navi Mumbai on the occasion of welcoming a new baby to the world, we Pretty Petals will help you.

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FAQs For Flower delivery In Navi Mumbai By Pretty Petals

How to Choose Flowers for The New Baby?

If you want to categorize the occasion of the arrival of the new baby, undoubtedly it will be the happiest and exciting day, especially for those parents. Along with congratulating them, you must offer them such gifts that symbolize the same exciting vibes from you. Doesn’t matter what you do to express that but don’t forget to bring a set of colorful flowers.

We, the Pretty Petals, are very selective in this matter. Our florists in Vashi, Navi Mumbai have in-depth knowledge of what to send when it comes to a baby  welcoming program. There are some factors that we take care of while selecting the flowers like whether the flowers are for before the baby’s birth, or after the baby’s birth

Here’s a guide for what you must choose for flowers according to the situation. Make sure you obey all of these.

1. Flowers before Child Delivery

There is a certain stage when you know the child is going to see the lights of the world, but the mother needs support and encouragement. Your best wishes with a bouquet can do the job. As you are not aware of the date of delivery, you need to send the flowers as soon as possible to show them the support.
There are three things to make sure of. We always ask for these. The first is regarding when you need the delivery. Because if you want to send the flowers to the mother, you need to be assured about the location. You can send it to a hospital or home. The choice is yours.

When it comes to selecting flowers, we always refer to them as light and colorful. The main thing that the mother needs at the moment is encouragement and positive hope. Offer lily, daisies, sunflowers, and whatever you want. Make sure you offer her flowers in pink, white, blue, yellow, and violet.
Lastly, you need to send flowers that are non-allergic to the body. We are very cautious when it comes to sending to a patient. We always offer flowers that are non-allergic. It is recommended for you to know whether she has any specific flower allergy or not to avoid further consequences.

2. Factors to Maintain While Choosing Flowers for Baby

Yes, we maintain a strong guideline when it comes to sending flowers to a baby. We want you to know these in case you are unaware. Before jumping to any conclusion regarding the gender-specific flowers, let’s know what to maintain.

As you are offering flowers to the newborn baby, we strongly recommend you to choose flowers that don’t have a strong fragrance. Otherwise, it can cause nausea and also may get into the nerves of the baby. We recommend choosing daisies, irises, sunflowers, and daffodils.

We always recommend choosing a light colour. Flowers are available in various colours even in each colour, there are thousands of varieties. To grow up with a positive mind, doctors always recommend looking for light colours. We follow the same rule and that’s why white, pink, light yellow, light blue are offered by us.

There’s an additional guideline regarding colours each month. In simple words, babies mustn’t see random colours within the first 10 months. The cells of the eyes take time to grow strong and need time to tolerate all colours. That’s why only some special colours are there to Select. You can search for it on the internet, otherwise, our florists will help you for sure. Just ask them.

So, these are the points that you keep in mind before selecting flowers for a baby.

3. Best Flowers for Baby Boy

If you are going to visit a baby boy, make sure you are keeping a good flower bouquet with you. According to researchers, blue is the colour that attracts the eye sharply. There is no fixed rule that only baby boys are allowed to see it. However, there are reasons.

The colour itself represents tranquility, mental peace, immortality, prosperity, and strong bondage. Colors play a crucial role to build the mindset. So some light blue flowers with some blue balloons can make the baby smile. You can use a flower vase too.

Delphinium, irises, and freesias are the most recommended flowers from us. Our service of flower delivery in Vashi will make sure you get the fresh blossoms to welcome that boy to the world.

4. Best Flowers for the Baby Girl

When it comes to flowers, the girls always have a soft spot for them. To be honest, the thing is the opposite. A flower can build the feminine quality in a girl. Flowers, especially the light colours during infants, play a crucial role to build up femininity in them.

Pink is the most recommended colour for them. You can use white and yellow too. These colours are gentle, polite, and symbols of love and affection. A baby girl needs to feel special around you. So, offering them a bouquet or a vase of yellow and pink flowers will be the best decision.

Daisies, tulips, roses, and carnations are the best choices. All these flowers are available in pink, yellow, and white colours. Ask our florist to make a perfect set and offer the baby girl.

5. What to Offer to The New Mom?

It will be very wrong if you forget about the mother. She is the one who is the happiest person in the world right now. She successfully becomes a mother and needs comfort, soothing and proper care. A bunch of good flowers can heal her soul. So let’s see what you can offer her.

Ask our florists to make a perfect baby bouquet for you. Offer this as a gift. Trust us, it will be the best present for her. Our baby bouquet is made especially for mothers with special notes. Roses, Snapdragon, foliage, and alstroemerias are the collections we use in the basket.

If you want to gift some Chocolates or other stuff with flowers, then our online shop is open for you. Visit the site and book your order.


Choosing flowers for newborn babies requires far greater caution than choosing flowers for your lover. A small mistake can ruin the environment. That’s why we recommend being with us. Our professionals have in-depth knowledge in this field.

We, the Pretty Petals are offering the best flower delivery in Navi Mumbai. We offer a wide range of gifts along with flowers for various occasions. Make your birthday, anniversary, wedding, relationship, and all the moments special with our flower baskets.